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Enhance safety and peace of mind with premium locks and parts from a trusted manufacturer, featuring reliable door locks and cylinders.

Our range of door locks and parts in Taiwan encompasses a comprehensive selection of security solutions for various applications. Whether you need door locks or any other components, we provide high-quality products designed for reliability and durability.

Interchangeable Core

An interchangeable core is a versatile locking mechanism for high-security settings. It allows rekeying without taking apart the lockset.

custom Small Format Interchangeable Core sfic core or removable core lock cylinder manufacturer in taiwan

Mortise Door Lock

A mortise door lock is a type of lock that is installed within the body of the door, rather than being attached to the surface.

mortise door lock for aluminum door and custom Mortise Cylinder Hookbolt Lock manufacturer in taiwan fits for Adams Rite

Door Lock Cylinder

Door lock cylinder is an essential component of any door lock, providing security and peace of mind to property owners.

custom Brass Grand Master Key Mortise Cylinder manufacturer in taiwan


A padlock is a detachable type of lock that secures items with a sliding or hinged shackle, while a standard lock is fixed in place.

custom European Brass Padlock manufacturer in taiwan

Panic Exit Device

A panic exit device is a type of mechanical door hardware that is operated from the inside of an outswing exit door.

panic exit device of custom ANSI Grade 1 Rim Push Bar manufacturer in taiwan

Door Closer

A door closer is a type of mechanical door device that ensures a door closes automatically after being opened.

custom 1-Hr Fire Rated Door Closer manufacturer in taiwan

Patio Door Lock

A sliding glass door lock and handle usually consists of interior and exterior handles, a thumb latch and the mortise lock body.

custom Patio Door Handle and Lock manufacturer in taiwan

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