Sliding Patio Door Lock

Sliding Patio Door Lock - A Reliable Manufacturer for Patio Paradise: Secutor offers premium solutions to enhance security and elevate style.

Our range of sliding patio door locks in Taiwan offers enhanced security and ease of use for your sliding doors. We provide a variety of patio door locks designed for durability and smooth operation, ensuring reliable protection against unauthorized access.

Door Lock

Ensure security and ease of use with our premium Sliding Patio Door Locks. Designed for robust performance and longevity, these locks provide reliable protection for residential and commercial properties.

custom Sliding Patio Door Lock manufacturer in taiwan
custom Patio Door Handle and Lock manufacturer in taiwan


Upgrade your sliding patio door with our durable, stylish handles. Ergonomically designed for comfort and effortless operation, our handles offer both aesthetic appeal and functional reliability.

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Sliding Patio Door Overview

Sliding patio door lock called mortise lock generally, and most will come with a built-in mortise lock. They can sit hidden away inside the sliding door’s pocket, therefore maintaining the streamlined look that sliding doors are famous for. A sliding glass door mortise lock and handle set usually consists of interior and exterior handles, a thumb latch and the mortise lock body. Our sliding door push up and down latch mortise lock has a keyed option.

As a sliding door mortise lock manufacturer, we ensure enhanced security and convenience. By turning the thumb latch, the position of the hook changes and the door can be opened. Most mortise locks are non-keyed, meaning they can’t be locked or unlocked from the outside. However, our sliding patio door handle with lock in Taiwan feature allows for added security and peace of mind.

Types of Sliding Door Locks

  • Patio Door Lock: This is one of the most common types of sliding door locks. It can be found on most patio doors and comes with a simple locking mechanism.
  • 2-Point Double Hook Lock: This lock features two hooks that extend from the top and bottom of the door into the frame, providing extra security. It is commonly used for heavy-duty sliding doors or as an additional layer of protection.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Installation: Perfectly replaces a variety of sliding door mortise locks for glass, aluminum, and wooden doors.
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance: Separate handle and lockbody design allows for individual replacement, minimizing upkeep costs.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: Featuring a reliable push up and down latch mortise lock that guarantees peace of mind.
  • Elegant Design: Our handles complement any patio door, adding a touch of sophistication without compromising on security.
  • Durability: Constructed with high-grade materials to withstand everyday use and harsh weather conditions.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of patio door designs, our handles are adaptable to your specific needs.

Perfect Fit For Your Project

  • For building contractors: Ensure the protection of construction sites and equipment with our heavy duty security solutions.
  • For locksmith associations: Equip your members with high-grade handles with locks that elevate the standard of security offered.
  • For door lock hardware retailers: Expand your product line with our reliable locks that customers can trust.
  • For property managers: Provide tenants and property owners with superior security and ease of access control.

As a sliding patio door handle with lock and key manufacturer, Secutor understand the demands of building contractors, locksmith associations, door lock hardware retailers, and property managers. That’s why we’ve perfected the sliding glass door handle with lock that redefine how you control access to your buildings.


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