Fire Door Hardware

Enhance safety and peace of mind with our comprehensive fire door hardware from a trusted manufacturer, combining reliable door locks and smooth door control in commercial spaces.

custom fire door hardware manufacturer in taiwan

Our range of fire door hardware in Taiwan is designed to ensure safety and compliance with the highest standards. Fire door hardware is essential for the safety and security of any building, providing crucial protection in the event of a fire.

Multiple Choice

Our panic exit device are certified by ANSI, UL, and have a 3-Hour Fire Rating to ensure compliance. Our door closers offer a variety of options including 4 types of oil, 7 types of arms, adjustable closing and latching speeds to suit your requirements.

User-Friendly Design

Our panic exit devices feature mechanisms that enable quick and effortless egress, even under pressure. Our door closers come with front-facing adjusting valves and non-handed installation for an enhanced user experience.

Versatile Application

Our panic exit devices and door closers are designed for use with hollow metal, composite, glass frame, and wood doors, ensuring compatibility across various door types.

Fire Door Hardware Overview

Fire door hardware is designed to meet specific building and fire codes and is typically required in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and other public spaces. It allows for swift and efficient exit during potentially life-threatening situations. Fire door hardware is a crucial component of any building's safety and security systems. It refers to the mechanical devices installed on emergency exits, providing a quick and easy way for people to evacuate in case of an emergency.

Our selection including panic exit device, fire rated door closer, floor hinge, locksets and levers products is designed with the utmost quality and attention to detail, ensuring that your space remains secure while meeting all necessary codes and regulations. Both exterior and interior fire door hardware in Taiwan are available to fit your specific needs.


The selection encompasses a variety of essential components crucial for the functionality and compliance of commercial door exit device. Each component undergoes rigorous testing to ensure reliability under extreme conditions, aligning with our commitment to safety and compliance. These include:

  • Panic Exit Devices: Engineered for ease of use during emergencies, facilitating rapid, obstruction-free exits.
  • Fire Rated Door Closers: Ensure doors automatically close after opening, maintaining the integrity of fire-resistant barriers.
  • Locksets and Levers: Specifically designed to resist high temperatures and ensure doors remain accessible yet secure.
  • ‍Floor Hinges: Fire door hinges keep the door secure during a fire, preserving its fire resistance. Typically made of steel or stainless steel, these hinges undergo testing to withstand fire heat and pressure.

Key Benefits

  • Efficiency: Fire exit door hardware allows for swift and easy evacuation during emergencies, saving valuable time and potentially lives.
  • Compliance: Installing panic hardware ensures compliance with building and fire codes, avoiding penalties and legal issues.
  • Accessibility: These devices are designed to be easily operated by individuals of all abilities, including those with disabilities or limited mobility.
  • Reliability: Push bar hardware in Taiwan is built to withstand high traffic and heavy use, ensuring long-term durability and reliability in emergency situations.

Perfect Fit For Your Project

  • Tailored Purchasing Experience for building contractors and locksmith associations with bulk ordering options and exclusive deals.
  • Extensive Catalog Selection for door lock hardware retailers, featuring the latest and most sought-after panic exit devices.
  • Effortless Integration for property managers overseeing upgrades or new installations, backed by comprehensive support from selection to service.

At Secutor, we understand the critical role that reliable fire door hardware kit plays in the safety of commercial and public buildings. That’s why we engineer our panic exit devices with precision, providing peace of mind to contractors, property managers, and every member behind the doors they protect.

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