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Panic Exit Device

Panic Exit Device - A Reliable Manufacturer for Commercial Spaces: Secutor offers advanced solutions to enhance safety and code compliance in your commercial environment.

Our range of panic exit devices in Taiwan ensures quick and safe egress during emergencies. We offer a variety of panic exit devices, designed to meet stringent safety standards and ensure smooth operation.

Panic Bar

Offers a robust horizontal or vertical bar for effortless emergency egress, ideal for high-traffic areas and demanding environments. Easily activated by pushing anywhere on the bar, ensuring quick and intuitive exit even in stressful situations.

panic exit device of custom ANSI Grade 1 Rim Push Bar manufacturer in taiwan
custom Panic Trim Lever Handle manufacturer in taiwan

Exit Device Trim

Blends seamlessly with modern door designs, featuring push pads or levers for discreet activation. This trim, the outside control that retracts the panic hardware latch from the outside, can even come as a lock with a lever handle or a knob.

UL Listed Rim Push Bar

custom UL listed Rim Push Bar manufacturer in taiwan

UL Fire Rated Panic Cross Bar

custom UL Fire Rated Panic Cross Bar manufacturer in taiwan

UL Concealed Vertical Rod Panic Bar

custom UL Concealed Vertical Rod Panic Bar manufacturer in taiwan

Rim Push Bar

custom Rim Push Bar manufacturer in taiwan

Panic Trim Lever Handle

custom Panic Trim Lever Handle manufacturer in taiwan

Panic Door Lock

custom Panic Door Lock manufacturer in taiwan

Automatic Drop Down Fire Door Bottom Seal

custom Automatic Drop Down Fire Door Bottom Seal manufacturer in taiwan

ANSI Grade 2 Vertical Rod Push Bar

custom ANSI Grade 2 Vertical Rod Push Bar manufacturer in taiwan

ANSI Grade 1 Rim Push Bar

panic exit device of custom ANSI Grade 1 Rim Push Bar manufacturer in taiwan

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Panic Exit Device Overview

A panic exit device is a type of mechanical door hardware that is operated from the inside of an outswing exit door. It typically features a crossbar, door panic bar or push rail that extends at least halfway across the width of the door. There are two types of exit device, the Panic Bar and the Exit Device Trim. As per life safety codes, an exit device should release the door without the need for prior knowledge of its operation. Applying any horizontal force to the crossbar or push rail will trigger the door's release mechanism. Our push bar panic exit device US32D is designed to meet these requirements.

We understand that security and safety are of utmost importance to our customers. That's why we offer a high-quality emergency fire exit door panic exit push bar lock that not only meets all safety codes but also ensures the protection of your property. Our device is made from durable materials with a sleek, minimalistic design that blends seamlessly into any interior.

Panic Bar v.s. Exit Device Trim

The difference between of panic bar and exit device trim is the option for external access. Panic bars do not provide external access and are typically used on exit doors in commercial buildings. On the other hand, exit device trims come with a keyed cylinder that allows for external access using a key. Our ss push bar panic exit device with concealed bolt is an excellent choice for securing your property without sacrificing aesthetics.

A panic bar, also known as a push bar, is a door opening mechanism that allows users to push a bar to open the door. These simple yet potentially life-saving devices facilitate quick exits from buildings or rooms during emergencies. They replace traditional door knobs or handles and are always positioned on the interior side of an outward-swinging exit door.

An exit device trim is a lock installed on the outer side of a door to enable access to the panic bar and make the door operational from the outside. It can consist of a lever handle or knob for easy operation of the panic bar mechanism. This type of lock is useful when the door is used equally from both sides and needs to be functional from both sides.

Key Benefits

  • Versatile Application: One Series is tailored for hollow metal, composite, and wood doors, while the other series is ideal for aluminum, steel, and glass frame doors commonly found in commercial and institutional buildings, and is compatible with Adams Rite products.
  • Effortless Installation: Quick and intuitive set up that simplifies the installation process.
  • Durability: Manufactured from high-grade materials to withstand frequent use and provide lasting service.
  • Compliance Assurance: Adheres to the strictest building codes and safety standards, ensuring your property remains up-to-code.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit a wide range of doors, providing versatile application across different properties.
  • Customer Confidence: A reliable product that tenants, staff, and visitors can trust in case of an emergency.

Perfect Fit For Your Project

  • For building contractors: Ensure the protection of construction sites and equipment with our reliable emergency exit solutions.
  • For locksmith associations: Equip your members with dependable exit solution that elevate the property safety and emergency egress.
  • For door lock hardware retailers: Expand your product line with our reliable product that customers can trust.
  • For property managers: Provide tenants and property owners with superior security and ease of access control.

As a door panic bar manufacturer, Secutor understand the demands of building contractors, locksmith associations, door lock hardware retailers, and property managers. That’s why we’ve perfected the panic exit device in Taiwan that redefine how you control access to your buildings.

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