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Interchangeable Core

Secure Your Properties With 2 Types of Interchangeable Core Locks - Easy Rekeying, Increased Control

An interchangeable core (IC) is a versatile locking mechanism for high-security settings. It allows rapid, cost-efficient rekeying without dismantling the lockset, ensuring effective security management, access flexibility, and swift removal and replacement with a special control key.

Large Format

Offering superior strength and versatility for high-security applications like warehouses, data centers, and government buildings. Master keying capabilities ensure effortless control over large access networks.

custom Large Format Interchangeable Core manufacturer in taiwan
custom Small Format Interchangeable Core sfic core or removable core lock cylinder manufacturer in taiwan

Small Format

Delivering robust security in a small footprint, ideal for access control in offices, schools, and retail spaces. Manage multiple doors with ease using a single control key, minimizing key clutter and simplifying access control.

Small Format Interchangeable Core

custom Small Format Interchangeable Core sfic core or removable core lock cylinder manufacturer in taiwan

SFIC Rim Cylinder Lock

custom SFIC Rim Cylinder Lock manufacturer in taiwan

SFIC Padlock

custom SFIC Padlock manufacturer in taiwan

SFIC Oval Profile Cylinder Lock

custom SFIC Oval Profile Cylinder Lock manufacturer in taiwan

SFIC Mortise Housing

custom SFIC Mortise Housing manufacturer in taiwan

SFIC Medical Cart Lock

custom SFIC Medical Cart Lock manufacturer in taiwan

SFIC Euro Profile Cylinder Lock

custom SFIC Euro Profile Cylinder Lock manufacturer in taiwan

SFIC Cabinet Lock

custom SFIC Cabinet Lock manufacturer in taiwan

LFIC Mortise Housing

custom LFIC Mortise Housing manufacturer in taiwan

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Interchangeable Core Overview

There are two types of IC cores, the Small Format (SFIC) and the Large Format (LFIC).

Developed with convenience and security in mind, IC core locks provide a practical solution for businesses and institutions needing to adapt their security measures frequently. Whether due to lost keys, personnel changes, or upgrading security protocols, our SFIC core in Taiwan locks offer unmatched flexibility and control over your property's security.

IC Core v.s. Removable Core

The key difference between an IC core cylinder lock and a removable core cylinder lock lies in their compatibility.

The IC core cylinder lock is versatile, fitting locks from various manufacturers with consistent space and depths. On the other hand, removable core lock cylinder mechanisms are unique to specific lock manufacturers, designed for their individual space and depths. As a removable core cylinder lock manufacturer, we specialize in crafting precise mechanisms tailored to specific requirements.

SFIC Core v.s. LFIC Core

The key difference between a SFIC core and a LFIC core is in their shape and size. The face of both cores resembles a "figure 8". In small format cores, both circles are concentric, whereas in large format cores, the bottom circle (or plug) is larger. SFIC are generally smaller than LFIC.

Whether you prefer the SFIC or the LFIC, our custom sfic cylinder are tailored to meet your specific needs. Both types boast the recognizable best 8 type, with the SFIC cores being the more compact option. This versatility ensures that whatever your environment — from the bustling construction site to the high-rise apartment complex — you’ll have the ideal lock for the job.

Construction Core Key Lock Function

Construction core key lock function are crafted to facilitate access where needed, offering control over specific areas on a site. Various keys can be assigned to unlock specific or all locks as required. As a construction core key lock manufacturer, we excel in designing locking systems that provide tailored access control solutions.

The benefit of construction keying is saving on rekeying after building completion. For instance, in an apartment building, different contractors have access keys during construction. Construction keying ensures that once the final key is used, other keys no longer work, securing the premises.

Upgraded Euro Profile SFIC Housing

In order to improve the durability of the Euro Profile SFIC Housing, we have upgraded the internal structure. The bolt within the lock housing serves to connect and actuate the lock core. The structure and material of the bolt play a pivotal role in facilitating the smooth operation of the lock core opening.

We have increased the diameter of the internal bolt and reinforced the strength of the actuating structure to ensure that the lock housing is less prone to deformation after repeated use. To this end, the engineering team has developed this upgraded lock housing after many studies and tests. This lock housing not only improves durability, but also better meets the needs of the market, making it the ideal choice for you.

Key Benefits

  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with popolur brands, including Stanley, Dormakaba, Arrows, Best, and Falcon Standard.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Our cores can be easily installed or replaced using a control key, without removing parts of the lock.
  • Versatile Applications: Commercial Businesses, Government and Education, Government and Education, Construction Company, Property Management Companies, Private House.
  • Various Keying Choices: IC cores offer control key or master key options, fitting diverse and complex keying systems.
  • Rekey on the Fly: Immediate rekeying is possible, allowing you to respond rapidly to security situations.
  • Cost-Effective Security: Experience significant savings by avoiding complete lockset replacements or the need for locksmith services during rekeying.

Perfect Fit For Your Project

  • For building contractors: Ensure the protection of construction sites and equipment with our heavy duty security solutions.
  • For locksmith associations: Equip your members with high-grade locks that elevate the standard of security offered.
  • For door lock hardware retailers: Expand your product line with our reliable locks that customers can trust.
  • For property managers: Provide tenants and property owners with superior security and ease of access control.

At Secutor, we understand the demands of building contractors, locksmith associations, door lock hardware retailers, and property managers. That’s why we’ve perfected the interchangeable core solutions that redefine how you control access to your buildings.


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